Saturday, 8 September 2012

OK.  A fairly quick update.
We've now met all the therapists who were interested in the setting up of a trauma centre in Sheffield.
And the good news is, they're all still interested.
The interest generally ranges through:

  • a general enthusiasm that such a centre will exist - charities and funding going to the wall, the NHS being underfunded and so on
  • an excitement that someone's putting the energy into doing it
  • the possibility of work

I've let it drift for a few months, as I've been putting the time into my own private practice.  So it's taken a while to get back round to blogging.  (Yes, I know it only takes a few minutes....)

So, the bottom line is, everyone's raring to go, and nobody is really expecting to do the initial work.

I have a meeting booked on Monday with my esteemed coach to see whether I personally have the energy and drive to do the work myself.  Because the bottom line is, there's going to be a lot of networking, and a lot of meetings, and I need to work out whether I do, in fact have the drive and passion to push the thing through without collaborators.

Because I was secretly hoping that with all the meetings with therapists someone would pop out of the woodwork who would help me take this on.

And they haven't.  (Not yet, anyway).

So we'll have to see.

Check back in a few days to see.


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